• Golden Margarana

    Golden Margarana

    Luxury Condotel
  • Golden Margarana

Journey Into The World of Exquisiteness

Situated right next to the Heart of Margarana DreamCity.

Golden Margarana is one of the portion from the parcel of Margarana Residence, situated inside Margarana DreamCity, an amazing mega-project aimed to be the biggest new attraction and next world wonder. Margarana DreamCity project is a proud receiver of Excellence In World First Innergy Green City, featuring sustainable design and natural themes working in harmony, assimilating key elements of leisure, natural healing and recreation into one big city of holistic wellness.

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Living in Style

(50M2 Floor Plan)

The structure is designed by P.T Putra Margarana Mandiri, develop by P.T Putra Margarana Mandiri and Mofatama Group Indonesia (NUSA Konstruksi Enjiniring).

It features luxurious condo cum hotel desgined to suit the needs of the high-end visitor as well as commercial use.

Invest in Style

1. Situated In An Award Winning Mega-Project, Margarana DreamCity.

2. Strategic Location In 10 Parcels Of Individual Land Title Yet Linked To The Whole Entire Project Development Which Shall Secure With Highest Return Of Investment.

3. Surrounded By Interesting Attractions Including Innerstar Tower, Grand Margarana Arena, City Of Light & Margarana Palace.

4. 15 Years Money Back Insured By Commonwealth Life. (With The Biggest Share Owned By Commonwealth Bank Of Australia)

5. Potential Appreciation Of A Highly Leveraged Asset.

6. Enclusive Rental Package Ensuring Passive Income Going Directly To You.

7. Fully Furnished With High Quality Furniture. Excluding Electrical Appliances.

Depositphotos 21354711 Stock Photo Living Room Interior Top View

15 years money back insured by Commonwealth Life

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