• The Golden Legacy

    The Golden Legacy

    The Power To Activate Your Legacy For Future Generations.
  • The Golden Legacy

The Golden Legacy

The 1st batch of people whom are supporting Margarana DreamCity’s vision to build a platform for the world to gather and unite with the goal of bringing back our Human Culture. Cultures of Love, of Friendship, of Happiness and of Humanities. ...we call them The Golden Legacy.  

They are part of us. They are part of the energy. They are our soul. For the appreciation and gratitude we create an asset just for them called Golden Legacy. This is not any regular asset. It is the only asset that could activate the Legacy for them and their entire future generations.

Because by holding something so limited and precious, this asset forms part of the world wonder with the potential for unlimited growth far beyond normal imagination. It also benefits from a lifetime profit sharing generation from the Goldenaura program, not only for 1 life time, but from one generation to the next. This indirectly, also enables the holder of golden legacy to help others by providing a positive life change through our Goldenaura program. 

Today we are not selling a product nor an investment. We are inviting the world to be part of us to make the world a better place for the generations to come. And You hv the power to help change the world and  to activate your legacy for future generations. WILL YOU??? Today, We are inviting you to be part of the Wonder and becoming a Golden Legacy to help activate the world more positively.

An Invitation To Become Part Of The Golden Legacy

The Golden Legacy
The things you do for yourself are GONE when you are gone,
But the things you do for others REMAIN as your LEGACY!

I am Golden Legacy, Are You?

Positive Energy

Continues to grow from Generations to Generations.

Energy circulation is very important in the universe around us. It rotates and flows through every living thing, hydrates and revives them, repeating it to keep a balance in our system. Mankind is part of the Universe, a byproduct of the Universe’s cycle. Hence there is nothing better than having influenced someone by planting a seed of positive energy in them knowing it shall blossom into something great long after your time.

For some, they grow their spirit and energy by building their business empires or unyieldingly pursue their dreams and in the face of adversity. Some are great inventors, great authors, and perhaps even world record holders. They had their names craved down in history, by making us proud and inspiring us they actually grew their positive energy in us and taking us to a whole new level in life, and thus their energy would continue to live on. Just akin legendary greats Michael Jackson, Mother Teresa, Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi and Elvis Presley, their physical forms are no longer with us but their presence is always felt and their influence continues to grow, inspiring many other kids from many corners in the world to be like them, causing another magnificent energy to be born. This is the “energy” you would want to leave behind as your Golden Legacy Ultimately.

  • The Golden Legacy
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