• Ten Assets Development

    Ten Key Development

    A Development Project that Celebrates Human Culture.
  • Golden Margarana

The Path of Life Force

Margarana DreamCity Is Built on a huge of Lush Green Landscape.

This exclusive blueprint of Margarana Development features several different and unique powerful sections. Margarana DreamCity is proud to introduce to you some majestic and wonderful places that awaits your discovery. Once you set foot into this unique eco-park, you will go through an entirely new experience. No outside vehicle is permitted, and visitors will be encouraged to travel by foot or use our electronic automobile transits.

Join us and experience the true benefits of the Innerstar Tower, Margarana Stone Age, Margarana Natural Healing, Margarana Green Haven, Margarana City Of Lights, Margarana World Culture, Margarana Movie Studio & Film Production Plant, and many more intriguing attributes such as self development courses, healthy diets, yoga classes, etc, all exclusively here in this sacred place in the east of Bali.

Margarana DreamCity development is the proud receiver of The Global Leadership Award 2016 under the category of Excellence In World First Universal Positive Innergy City, featuring sustainable design and natural themes working in harmony, assimilating key elements of leisure, natural healing and recreation into one big city of holistic wellness. Have your names engraved on the wall of Innergy Tower, the imposing edifice which has become the top destination of the world. We welcome you to be part of a world legacy, by becoming a Golden Legacy.

  • Margarana Innerstar Tower

    Margarana Innerstar Tower

    The main hallmark development as well as newest world wonder. This feature will be the centre of all attractions in Margarana DreamCity.

    With its towers and crystals serving as a conduit to the universe and the surrounding environment, it is build with the sole purpose for its visitors to recharge with natural yet powerful universal energy for stronger mentality, health, longevity, vitality and general wellbeing as nature intended via the gentle circulation of the tower in a guided direction.

  • Margarana Palace

    Margarana Palace

    After a day’s rejuvenation at Margarana DreamCity, you shall enjoy a short walk back to the comfort and elegance of Margarana Palace, a luxury hotel with modern and majestic architecture, littered with natural pristine setting that allows an extraordinarily retreat straddling between a diverse inland landscape and a coastal oceanic bay offering luxury facilities, world-class service and an outstanding accommodation experience. The mountainous terrain and sea co-exist naturally, allowing two of nature's best offerings to be found in one destination. When you arrive, you savour a refreshing cup of herbal tea at our posh louge, before making your way to your spacious room. Here, floor to ceiling windows showcase breath-taking views of vibrant Margarana City Of Lights, and you watch the life of the city unfold along the beautiful contour of the precincts as the evening sky gently changes hue. Our hotel offers you memorable holidays, and special occasions to suit your unique needs and provide a superior experience for every taste.

  • Margarana City of Lights

    Margarana City of Lights

    A true shopping paradise of the aficionadoCs, the ultimate 24/7 city which never sleeps, it is one of the most pleasant pedestrian area dedicated to non-stop entertaining.


  • Margarana Best Wedding

    Margarana Best Wedding

    A place where the name speak it all, The Best Wedding that love birds can get in the world. With Professional Wedding organizer that combined the traditional Culture with modern days of event with every tourist also be taking part of it to make it the a lifetime experience, only in Margarana Best Wedding.


  • Margarana Residence

    Margarana Residence

    Imagine when the heart yearns for a getaway from your taxing job, you have a perfect holiday home you could fall back to. A sanctuary in lush green locale, Margarana offers you a chance to own a uniquely different living experience where nature meets beauty. Thriving in modern design emphasizing on space and exclusivity, these residential edifices will be crafted with such class many actually believed we were trying to redefine luxury. The projects are designed to offer cool and relaxing environment, enveloped with fresh flowery gardens and pleasant landscape under cooling shades, further enhancing the comfort of your lovely abode. We have the finest units ready and available for your pick, along with our Financial Freedom Plan.

  • Margarana World Timeline Experience

    Margarana World Timeline Experience

    A place that bring back the memories and To find the Inner Self. This is where the True Natural meets with no Technologies allowed. Where people’s burden and stress are left behind. Having the real experience of Tarzan and Jane.


  • Margarana Green Haven

    Margarana Green Haven

    A dedicated gigantic zone for a human-groomed natural forest. Entering the magnetic field of green element leave one feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Margarana Film City Production Studio & Studio Magic Hotel

    Margarana Film City Production Studio & Studio Magic Hotel

    Margarana Film City Production Studio & Studio Magic Hotel features film making which involves several regional languages documentary films, short film. An academy of film industry that everyone can experience the making movies and being the actor/actress themselves.

  • Margarana Natural Healing

    Margarana Natural Healing

    Human had been known of Natural Healing since 1000 years ago where there are non Modern Medical Knowledge and human seems to live Healthier and older because we are part of the nature. It is about refresh the inner Energy positively that feed the emotions.


  • Margarana World Culture

    Margarana World Culture

    The metaphor is meant to suggest a destination, a place to seek and find cultural and spiritual refreshment. Every Country will have their Own Unique Cultural building , Costume and Food here to make known to the world.



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