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    About Margarana

    The Innergy CIty Where Positive Energy Grows.
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Margarana DreamCity

Aim To Be The World Next Wonder.

Welcome to Margarana DreamCity.  

The World's 1st Positive Innergy City. Our vision is to build a platform for the world to gather and unite with the goal of bringing back our Human Culture. Cultures of Love, of Friendship, of Happiness and of Humanities. This are the cultures we are born with but had long forgotten in the world today. It is time we look deep within ourselves and express this need by creating our own miracle.

We know our vision and mission clearly but it not only our responsibility to do so. This mission and responsibility, It also belongs to the world.  We humbly now invite the world to come and join us and make this happen. Not just a fantasy, let us join hands and make it a reality. 

Located in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, the famed Island of the Gods, with its beautiful natures, deeply spiritual and unique culture, stakes a serious claim to be paradise on earth.

Margarana DreamCity is a mega project taken up 610 acres ( 246.9 hectares) space, worth up to USD5 Billion development and it is the World’s 1st Innergy City In Buleleng, North Bali ,Indonesia.

Recognized globally as the world awards winner under the category of:
World 1st Universal Positive Innergy City – Global Leadership Award 2016
World 1st Universal Positive Innergy City – Far East Business Leadership Award 2016
World 1st Universal Positive Green Innergy City – Global Responsible Business Leadership Award 2017

Margarana DreamCity’s Mission & Vision

To elevate Humanity from poverty and difficulty through Compassion, Love, Culture and Unity!

Changing the world by leaving behind a Golden Legacy!

The "Logo" (As shown above) and the Project name of "Margarana Dream City" are Trademarked and Registered Internationally with Full Copyright Ownership by PT. Margarana Eka Digdaya International.

The Path of Life Force

TThe Word "Margarana" is derived from the Balinese words Marga and Prana. Marga which means “The Way”, whereas Prana means “Life Force”.

When put together they actually connote “The Path of Life Force”.


Awards & Achievements


Excellence In Universal Positive Innergy City

The 6th Global Leadership Awards 2016 will highlight the crème de la crème of global leaders. It is a one-of-its-kind event that will recognize, showcase and reward astute Global Leaders who have not only steered their ships through various streams in business growth, applying the best of leadership modules and practices, but have reached uncharted territories, resembling explorers of yore and established their supremacy on the shores of success. To make it easier to absorb, these Leaders are Indeed Masters in their field of trade.

Excellence In Universal Positive Innergy City

World's First Universal Innergy City

The Far East Business Leadership Awards 2016 is all about Top Achievers and Accomplishments! The Region’s most impactful event, The Far East Business Leadership Awards 2016 will be organized for the first time in China back by strong demand in the Far East Region, The event is expected to convince and showcase the highest levels of the region Leaders representing the diplomatic, business, government, philanthropic, media, celebrity, and social sectors. An evening of recognition, glamour and splendor and gathering to Foster Friendship and Build New Bridges in Business. This much anticipated event is organized by Sino-European Industry & Business Association and World Chinese Association; both of them are high profiled business organization.

World's First Universal Innergy City

World First Innergy Green City

The award represents the most prestigious form of recognition for companies globally on leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability. Its criteria are not only well-aligned to the Ten Principles Of The United Nations Global Compact, covering the areas of Environment, Human Rights, Labour Standard And Anti-Corruption, but also recognise the companies achieving triple bottom line success.

World First Innergy Green City

Experience The Positive Energy Now!